Flavan-3-ol Isomers Isolated from Euphorbia Thymifolia Linn

Sushma Kainsa,1 Randhir Singh1*

1Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MM College of Pharmacy, Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana, Ambala, INDIA.

Pharmacognosy Communications,2016,6,1,28-33.
Published:December 2015
Type:Original Article


Objective: Isolation and identification of phytoconstituents from methanolic extract of whole herb of Euphorbia thymifolia L. Material and Methods: Methanolic extract of Euphorbia thymifolia whole herb was prepared by hot soxhalation method and Flavan-3-ol isomers (compound (I) and (II)) were isolated using chromatographic techniques. The structural identification Flavan-3-ol was carried out by employing Infra red spectroscopy (IR) and 1H Nuclear magnetic Resonance technique. Spectral data obtained was compared with the available literature. Results and conclusion: Spectral analysis revealed compound (I) and (II) as catechin and epicatechin respectively. These compounds have been reported for the first time in this plant and can serve as a useful tool in its standardization.

Key words: Euphorbia thymifolia, Flavan-3-ol, Catechin, Epicatechin etc.

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