Studies of Morpho-Physiological and Phenological Aspects for a Collection of Algerian Durum Wheat ( Triticum durum Desf. )

Belattar R 1 , Boudour L 1 , Sellal A 2
1 Department of Nature Sciences and life University of Mentouri Constantine, Algeria
2 Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry, University of Sétif. Algérie

Pharmacognosy Communications,2012,2,4,16-22.
Published: Oct 2012
Type: Research Article


A collection of 215 genotypes belonging to two varieties of Algeria durum wheat ( Triticum durum ) were examined in this study. The field work was done at the experimental farm Technical Institute for Field Crops (TIFC/ITGC) 2008–2009. The climatic conditions, in this period (temperature and precipitation) were more or less favorable to the different phases of growth of our plants. However, their effect on phenological and morpho-physiological parameters was different for the two varieties studied: Leucomeulon and Reichenbachi. Multivariate analysis revealed the existence of very important intra- and inter-varitale variability. Thus, most of the genotypes of the variety Reichenbachi present displayed physiological and morphological aspects allowing a better development of plants, whilst many genotypes of the variety leucomelon displayed better performance in terms of production.

Key words: Triticum durum , Phenology , Morphology , Physiology , Adaptation

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