Ian Edwin Cock1,2,*
1Environmental Futures Research Institute, Nathan Campus, Griffith University, Nathan, Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA.
2School of Natural Sciences, Nathan Campus, Griffith University, Kessels Rd, Nathan, Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA.

Pharmacognosy Communications,2021,11,1,1.
Published: January 2021
Type: Editorial


Dear Readers and Authors,

I am pleased to bring you Volume 11, Issue 1 of Pharmacognosy Communications. In this issue we present new research reports examining the pharmacognosy of several important medicinal plants including the antibacterial activity of Astrotrichia latifolia Benth., Brassica oleracea L. (kale) and Arthrospira spp. (spirulina) extracts. We also include a number of reviews of medicinal plants and their constituents. In particular, this issue presents reviews on the phytochemistry and medicinal properties of leek (Allium ampeloprasum), Schisandra chinensis, lychee (Lintci chinensis), Chinese star anise, Asafoetida (the dried latex of Ferula spp.), as well as on the isolated compounds huperzinea (isolated from club moss) and galactomannans and diosgenin isolated from fenugreek. Furthermore, a timely invited review on the potential of pharmacognostic preparations in combatting the current COVID-19 pandemic has been included to focus researchers attention on previous studies in this field and to highlight future areas of research. Notably, a short discussion of a recent publication that highlights the potential of pomegranate peel extracts against SARS-CoV-2 (the viral cause of COVID-19) is also included in the Janus Corner. Read more…

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