Pharmacognosy Communications, Vol 5, Issue 3, Jul-Sep, 2015



Ian Edwin Cock1,2*Editor-In-Chief1Environmental Futures Research Institute, Nathan Campus, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Rd, Nathan, Brisbane, Queensland 4111,Australia.2School of Natural Sciences, ...
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MTT and LDH Assay in THP-1-derived macrophages, HepG2 cells and their co-cultures after 24h

In vitro Assessments of Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Effects of Asparagus aphyllus, Crataegus aronia, and Ephedra alata in Monocultures and Co-Cultures of Hepg2 and THP-1-Derived Macrophages

Abdalsalam Kmail1,2, Badiaa Lyoussi1,, Hilal Zaid2 and Bashar Saad2,1Physiology-Pharmacology, University of Fez, P.O. Box 1796 Fez Atlas, Fez, MOROCCO.2Qasemi Research ...
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Growth inhibitory activity of high antioxidant Australian plant extracts against the B. anthracis environmental isolate measured as zones of inhibition

Growth inhibition of the zoonotic bacteria Bacillus anthracis by high antioxidant Australian plants: New leads for the prevention and treatment of anthrax

Mitchell Henry Wright1, Ben Matthews2, Anthony Carlson Greene1 and Ian Edwin Cock,1,3*1School of Natural Sciences, Nathan Campus, Griffith University, 170 ...
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Graphical Abstract

Major Bioactive Compounds of Pilis Plant Materials: A GC-MS Analysis

Kris Herawan Timotius*, Ita Novita Sari and Adit Widodo SantosoDepartment of Research and Development, Faculty of Medicine, Krida Wacana Christian ...
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Arsenic concentration in washed and non-washed leaves of plants growing in mine tailings at Zimapan, Hgo. Bars represent mean (n=3) and standard deviation

Arsenic Concentration in Wild Plants Growing on Two Mine Tailings

Ma del Carmen Angeles, González-Chávez, Ariadna Scheherazada, Sánchez-López and Rogelio Carrillo- González*Edaphology Program, Soil and Environmental Chemistry Lab, Colegio de ...
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Mean percentage of ‘DNA comets’ according to the alkaline comet assay performed with different concentrations of methanol extracts of the 10 Egyptian plants. Bars are standard deviations.

Phytochemical Composition and Potential Genotoxic effects of Important Egyptian Medicinal Plants

Khaled Rashed1, Roel Anthonissen2, Davie Cappoen2 and Luc Verschaeve2,31Pharmacognosy Department, National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.2Operational directorate Food, Medicines and ...
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The effects of 0.001-0.05% lavender (A) and linalool (B) and reversibility of these effects (C and D for 0.03% lavender and linalool, respectively) on electrically-evoked nerve terminal impulse

Effects of Lavender and Linalool on Neurotransmission and Contraction of Smooth Muscle

Curtis Poyton, Mary-Louise Manchadi*, Matthew Cheesman, Nickolas LavidisSchool of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Queensland 4072, AUSTRALIA ...
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Carpobrotus edulis (commonly known as sour figure) is a succulent South African plant

Medicinal Plant Images

I.E. Cock1,2*1Environmental Futures Research Institute, Nathan Campus, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Rd, Nathan, Brisbane, Queensland 4111,AUSTRALIA.2School of Natural Sciences, Nathan ...
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A Look at the Role of Mucilage at the Industrial Level

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Pharmacognosy Communications,2015,5,3,227-227.Published:June 2015Type:Upcoming Events Download PDF ...
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